Case Study Chillin Dessert Parlour


Chillin Desserts is a family run, Glasgow based ice-cream Parlor business. We strive for perfection in everything we do and ensure we use the highest quality ingredients and products. We are delighted to confirm we stock over 10 different flavors of Equi's ice cream from the classics to the more adventurous flavors such as Dime and white chocolate orange.

Our menu is vast where you can select from milkshakes to hot desserts such as freshly baked waffles, oven baked cookie dough, various selections of cakes and finally our CAKE SHAKE! If a pick n' mix is of interest we have you covered as we currently have pre-packed small and large cups with a selection of your favorite treats. We also offer deliver too, which is easy to arrange by downloading our app and ordering from the comfort of your own home!

Project Overview

We first contacted Near Me Delivery during COVID-19 restrictions. One of the main reasons for this was to keep up with customer demand due to an increase in our delivery services. During this period we saw a huge increase in sales due to non- footfall and everyone

working from home so they were heading over to our platform to purchase our desserts which was great, but we found dealing with demand was challenging due to driver capacity along with large fees from the ordering platforms, which combined with the additional driver charges was becoming unmanageable


As with any small family run business there are always limitations. We started our business to create amazing tasting desserts and shakes and always thought that the delivery service would be manageable in house with recruiting our own delivery drivers but this all changed during COVID restrictions.

We found ourselves with a massive challenge - we needed to deliver our deserts but some limitations we didn't foresee were for example our current drivers calling in sick or moving on to parcel deliveries to obtain more working hours. Another problem we had to solve was creating the deserts then awaiting other platform drivers to turn up to our store and not delivering on time as they were stacking orders sometimes from competitors, so complaints started to come in and we knew we had to take action immediately.

We were introduced to Near Me Delivery from a friend who owns his own stores and we made the call to the team and have never looked back since.

Near Me Delivery Approach

Near Me Delivery team received a call from the Director, Azeem at Chillin Dessert Parlor asking if we could provide last minute cover to support a driver's absence and due to our large bank of drivers we were able to facilitate his request and send the driver for 5 hours to help cover his delivery slot.

The business relationship was then created with our team onboarding Chillin Dessert Parlor as a regular client and we have been supplying drivers one week in advance. Azeem has been logging requests via our online portal ensuring he has cover in his busy periods also during winter time he has been able to scale down without worrying about losing his current drivers.

During his busy periods we have been able to cover up to 4 deliveries per hour for his store- he advised our team “It's been great as I don’t need to pay high commission and the drivers are protected for four deliveries per hour” As you can see Near Me Delivery can offer a driver who can represent your store and there is no worry about the driver not turning up as we have a large bank of drivers we can help mitigate this risk.

Current Operations

Our current operations at Chillin Dessert Parlor has been amazing it’s now a very slick operation and we can now get our food out on time without worrying about any drivers stacking orders with our competitors.

We have been able to build a relationship with Near Me Delivery drivers because there are always requests from drivers to come back to our store as we look after them like they are family.

With the competitors we feel we are just a number but with Near Me Delivery they know who we are and are always on hand to help. Our business is now future proofed its operations and know that that team is on hand to help and saving money is always a plus for any business with rising costs at the moment.

Chilling Desserts Parlor