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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to provide regular drivers for my deliveries?

We have two models for driver placement services, one model is where the store pays the driver direct and are only charged for the placement service. The other model is where the store is billed based on how many hours they require a driver for.

Can I be flexible on how many drivers or hours I need?

Our service is fully flexible, all that we ask is a minimum shift period is four hours. A store can scale up and scale down dependant on how busy they are at peak times, events that are on in the area or promotions being run.

Can we scale drivers based on business demand?

Yes, you can scale up and scaled down based on business demand.

If scheduled drivers are unable to work, will you provide replacement drivers?

Although we cannot guarantee 100% occupancy, we have a bank of drivers to assist in shift fulfilment. We endeavour to fulfil every shift assigned, to ensure shift attendance a driver has to confirm they are attending the shift by clicking a link which is text messaged over.

Where do I manage the scheduling of drivers?

Each store has their own portal where you can upload shift days and times you require a driver for. You also have visibility once a shift has been filled and who the driver will be for the shift.

How much commission do I pay?

You pay 0% commission of your deliveries

Do you provide a rating or feedback on drivers?

All our drivers are scored based on their shift completion scores over 30 day period. We always welcome feedback on our drivers from our clients, this can be done with the account manager.